Each player gets individual attention in a small atmosphere .
An average session includes pitching fielding and or hitting instruction programs specially tailored for each ability level. We correct common throwing problems such as proper grip, short arming, pushing, dropping the shoulder, lack of follow thru as well as hitting flaws including dropping of the hands, leaning or lungeing,  stepping out of the box, lack of rotation, “Seeing the Ball” and others…. Advanced infield and outfield drills including proper positioning and body control.Overall, it’s the type of intense, explosive professional instruction that young players don’t normally have access to.

For the six week program our baseball lessons rotate players through a series of supervised instruction, including pitching / batting cages, each designed to teach a player proper mechanics. Players enjoy participating in hitting games and unique drills used by top instructors. The program is designed to improve pitch and strike-zone recognition, timing, balance, quickness, power, situational hitting, bunting and other aspects. Young hitters build an invaluable foundation and a thorough understanding of the swing, while experienced players cover advanced topics such as hitting different pitches to different fields, hitting curveballs and changeups, and more. The timing of these programs are perfect for preparing young players for the season ahead. Experienced and Energetic instructors .

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Coach Jay Cranford  Hitting Coach

Hitting Clinics: Coach Jay Cranford will be offering a series of hitting clinics. Coach Jay has been a hitting Instructor for over 14 years. Some of his players are among the best hitters in the Country.  Jay has also worked along side of Pete Berrios who has won 4 National Championships including Super Series, Perfect Game, Barrett Fletcher and South Carolina. Obtaining knowledge from the Hitting coach of the Atlanta Braves as well as Gary Lavelle, former MLB All Star pitcher and International Scout with the NY Yankees and has been called by some as “One of the best Hitting Coaches in the country”.  You will improve with your VERY FIRST LESSON! 

Private Lessons $60 per hour

$35 per player 1 hour hitting Clinics(min 2 players)

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GSA pitching programs produce baseball pitchers that throw harder
for longer durations with better movement, while being more durable and more healthy…

The demands of todays pitchers are ever increasing.GSA has a ” State of the Art” 12 week process for pitchers. This process involves 12 private one on one, 45 minute, once a week sessions. This is the exact same process used this year to prepare 23 year old Demetri White before his Spring Training with the Washington Nationals . Also,High School and college players that in 12 weeks went from 76 to 92 mph including who has had 7 lessons in this program and has gone from 71 miles per hour to 81 miles per hour w/ better mechanics!  Also, Shane Matthews gained 11 miles per hour in one lesson! Countless other players have drastic improvements in their delivery and velocity. Our programs are proven and produce results.

This Baseball Pitching Training Program is Phenomenal.
There’s Nothing Like It!

This same program has been instrumental in supporting 27 athletes to be drafted and over 40 obtained college scholarships in the past 8 years! This program has already received rave reviews from many highly respected names in baseball at all levels.

Our pitcher program is jam packed with a variety of exciting and challenging workouts that will increase velocity while preparing the pitcher for the demands of pitching.



The process includes systematic applications in: -General Strength -Skill Specific Strength for pitchers -Arm Care -Velocity Enhancement using a series of weighted balls -Scapular Loading -Pelvic Loading -Long Toss -Command and Velocity + Command -Change of Speeds -Homework (What you should be doing between lessons at home) -Flexibility specifically for the baseball pitcher -Video Analysis Lesson -The lessons consists of a very specific 15 minute wake up, a 30 minute personal session with one of our Certified Instructors and a 15 minute cool down/flexibility set. GSA will offer these lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings only. Tuition for the 12 week session can be paid in 3 payment options: $660 for 12 weeks paid in full ..$330 paid in weeks 1 & 6.. $55 paid per session (Credit Cards accepted) GSA will take on a maximum of 15 pitchers for this program. When those slots are full GSA will not be adding any more pitchers to this schedule .

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Hitting Instructor- Speed and Strength Instructor-Personal Trainer

Coach Jay Cranford is Expert Certified as a Sports and Fitness Personal Trainer. He is Head Baseball Coach w/ the Great South League 2011 Champion Macon Giants, a  College Wood Bat League. He is very knowledgeable and understands the importance positive repetitious training and  physical fitness in any sport.

We are very proud to have him on our team of coaches.



Hitting /Pitching Instructor

Jay Cranford is Director of Operations for GSA’S s Digital Video Analysis program. Jay has a reputation of being very patient with players and understanding the differences in each. Jay also coached Youth and College Teams and has helped countless baseball players improve the Hitting and Pitching skills needed to be competitive in todays sports programs. Coach Jay also has helped players obtain full college scholarships and was head coach for the 2011 GSL College Baseball Championship Team. He is a graduate of the ASEP (American Sports Education Program), Coach Jay has also earned his NASM certificate as an Expert Rating Certified Professional Trainer and Sports Nutritionist and is also works with allot of younger players as a Certified Babe Ruth Youth Baseball Instructor working with younger players.