Baseball Prospect  Videos

Baseball Recruiting Video

What should my video include?


When viewing recruiting videos coaches are interested in seeing the mechanics of a baseball player when they consider possible athletes filling their roster. Therefore, we center the majority of your recruiting video to showcase your “athletic skills”.


Introductory portion of the video will have the athletes background details (Name, High School, Graduation Year, Position, Bat/Throw and Thank you for viewing the video).

An athlete’s speed is also important to college coaches. We will show, on camera, how fast the player runs from home to first and clock their speed in the 60-yard dash.

Position Play:
We will shoot a number of drills at a player’s primary position(s), showing how they move to the ball, their footwork (straight on, back-hand, fore-hand), their throwing accuracy, their arm strength, and how well they execute a double play – depending on their position. Includes 2-4 shots of each fielding angle.

Pitchers will throw their entire arsenal from the wind-up and stretch (angles to film are from behind the catcher from the throwing arm side and a side view). No more than 15 pitches total.

We also shoot various angles of the athlete taking batting practice to show different approaches to their swing and mechanics (Shot from the open side). Coaches also want to see unedited hitting, so we show a sequence of swings without moving or stopping the camera. Approximately 10 swings total.

Game Highlights
We can include game highlights to top off the recruiting video. These should be the best of the best plays (2-5 plays)!

When should you start the college recruiting video exposure process?

Talented high school athletes should start the college exposure process no later than the end of their junior year. We suggest starting the recruiting video process your Sophomore year. Many of our clients start the exposure process at this time. Some of our college recruiting videos has been submitted in annual segments, showing the athlete’s abilities over a one or two year period.


The packages listed below includes a video shoot.

Single A Package – $150

Includes an informative introduction with key recruiting information. A series of video segments showing the players skills, speed and a YouTube video upload

Double A Package – $250

Includes a personal introduction with key recruiting information. A series of video segments showing the players skills and speed. “On the field” game day footage and a YouTube video upload
(5) DVDs and a Web Profile
*additional DVDS can be purchased for $ 20 each.

We know what coaches want to see and we will help you navigate through the process of creating an informative and action filled video that highlights your skills and athleticism.